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The company has made investments, upgrading and improving its installations to position itself at the technological forefront of the sector. How else could it produce such consistently high quality wines?

Bocopa’s current plant occupies a 7,000-square-metre plot in Les Pedreres, in the municipal area of Petrer. The current winery started operating in 1999. A total of 250 million pesetas were invested in the infrastructures required to double wine production at the time. These facilities were recently extended again.


The main building contains the grape reception system. Beside this, the vinification bodega and maintenance facility has been built entirely in stainless steel to guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness and the stability for the wines. Of course, tanks are fitted with the most reliable, advanced temperature control mechanisms on the market. The bottling plant is one of the most modern in existence, guaranteeing the filling, labelling and sealing processes.


Bocopa started producing its first crianza, Marqués de Alicante, in 1992, and it has been acquiring more and more casks every year. It now has a more than 500 French oak casks from Allier and American oak casks from Oregon. It recently acquired a further 100 casks to enable it to boost wine production to more than three million litres a year. Our 1,000 casks are perfectly stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar.

Bottling Plant

The recent extension to the wine cellar is an example of a solid investment in the future. Significant investments have been made in a bottling plant with a controlled atmosphere and the equipment necessary to start up our sparkling wine project to produce Marina Espumante, Marina Espumante Brut and Marina Espumante Rosado.

Product warehouse

Once it has been bottled and packaged, the wine is taken to the finished product warehouse which, like the wine cellar, is kept at a stable temperature to guarantee that it stays in optical conditions for shipment to distribution points.


A specialised technical team continuously monitors and controls all factors with an impact on Alicante wine production in the quality control laboratory.

Tasting room, sacristy and shop

Finally, our winery has a training and tasting room, the “Sacristía” where we serve our customers, and a store open to all audiences. Another wing of the building has been used for administrative and commercial functions.

Experimental vineyard

There is also an experimental vineyard in the vicinity where Bocopa technicians do research into the adaptability and behaviour of 24 different grape varieties.


Present in more
than 30 countries

Bodegas Bocopa was recognised in 2002 as the Best Agro-Food Industry in the Valencia Community. In addition, in 2008 as a result of the rigorous quality standards applied to Bocopa wine production the company received the ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 12001-2004 quality and environmental management certificates.

Our wine are exported to more than 30 countries: Germany, Angola, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, China, Denmark, Spain, the United States, Estonia, Finland, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia,


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