Vineyards bathed by the sun, grape varieties intimately rooted in Mediterranean culture and a centennial winemaking tradition transmitted from father to son. Only from traditional roots and the most generous lands comes the unmistakable Mediterranean character of BODEGAS BOCOPA wines.

BODEGAS BOCOPA is a wine cellar nourished by the sources of tradition and by modern innovation, mingling in each wine years of experience, technological advances and the creative spirit of our master winemakers. An ongoing dedication that has enabled BODEGAS BOCOPA wines to achieve ever-increasing positions on the list of fine international wines.


In its ongoing effort to always be up-to-date and keep offering better wines, BODEGAS BOCOPA invests in new products. For 2016, Bocopa impresses its audience with 3 new wines:

Señorío de Benidorm, an innovative design


 This is a unique Project, entirely Mediterranean, made with grapes brimming with personality such as Monastrell and Syrah. The overwhelming skyline of Benidorm is engraved in the bottle as a homage to Benidorm, one of the most famous places on earth.

Marina Espumante Zero, suitable for all

zero moscato

Marina Espumante Zero is a premium sparkling that will indulge your senses like no other has done before. An excellent alcohol free choice for any occasion. Its fine bubble makes it refreshing and smooth.

Laudum Roble, historically modern


 Inspired in Roman times, when wine was utterly praised, its bottle ressembles the Corinthian columns. Laudum Roble has been for four months in French, American and Hungarian oak barrels. Selected grain by grain in our vineyards at 590m altitude.  The column is part of the temple, it reaches towards the sky. It is history and art, as wine, as Laudum.