tipos de copasChristmas is approaching and many of us want to surprise our guests home with a table worthy film. But many questions arise. Now we know that the bread plate is placed to the left of each diner but what about de glasses?, how many? and where? In this post we will try to clarify these doubts. 

Number of cups and where to place them: The first thing to know is that the cups will be placed in front of the dishes on the right, more or less at the height of the knives.

In the event that only serve one wine, two glasses are enough: one for alcoholic beverages and one for water.

If instead we will serve several types of wine, a different one for pairing with each course, we will need several glasses that we can put in triangle, in square or online, depending on the number of cups:

– If we put three cups (two for wine and one for water), we place them by a triangle and start using right to left.

– If we put four cups (three for wine and water), we can put in the form of a square. In this case the first glass to be used will be the lower right and follow the reverse order of clockwise.

– If we are going to need five glasses because we will try at least four wines, this is usually the maximum number of drinks, the best option is to place online and will begin always serve the right and the last drink will always be the water .

Too many rules and complicated to remember? A good choice when we are the guest is to look at the type of drink. Each wine will be served in a type of cup

Glass of water: Large size, slightly convex. Used for water and juices. Only it fills, at best, until 4/5 full.
Glass of red wine: wide glass, curved large cavity. They were somewhat smaller than water, but now this rule is changing. Only filled to 3/4 full.
White wine glass: Smaller and narrower than the cup of red wine (by their need to keep cool). Like red wine, it should only be filled at most 3/4 full. ½ usually recommended fill capacity.

Merry Christmas!

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