This is a real Mediterranean wine made with grapes brimming with personality such as Monastrell and Syrah.

Description: Young oaked wine aged for 100 days in the cask.

Production: Grapes are picked at the optimum point of ripening from old Monastrell and Syrah vines. Cold carbonic maceration and low-temperature fermentation.

Right from the start we wanted Señorio de Benidorm to be a different, unique wine by selecting the grapes from the vine and using with low-temperature fermentation to extract all the aromas from the grapes, with sweet, creamy tannins and a glossy colour.

We choose a selection of French, American and Hungarian oak casks to enhance the fruit. One hundred days in the cask causes the micro-oxygenation that gives this wine its lively, fresh personality and guarantees its sensory properties and quality.

The original packaging design is a homage to Benidorm, one of the world’s best-known holiday destinations. The glass is engraved with a symbolic image of Benidorm: its skyline, island and lapping waves.

Gold Medal in Baco Awards.  June 2015.


Monastrell and Syrah

Clean and shiny with a cherry heart and a purple rim.

Black fruits and berries and low Mediterranean mountainsides. Spicy, baked aromas.

Dry on the attack with a wide, rounded, sweet palate. Extremely fruity mouth-feel, long, persistent finish. Balsamic restronasal aroma

A fresh wine that makes an excellent accompaniment to a wide range of dishes. The ideal choice with tapas, mountain ham, cheese, paella and rice dishes (dry, soups and creamy) red meat and traditional cuisine.