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    El sabor único de este vino refleja la casta de las mejores viñas de Monastrell y Tempranillo. Una selección de las cosechas maduradas al sol y mecidas por la suave brisa mediterránea. Alcanta Crianza es fruto de una fusión perfecta entre el Mediterráneo y nuestra tierra. Reposa en barrica de roble americano y francés durante doce meses, afinándose posteriormente en la botella como mínimo doce meses más, antes de su salida definitiva al mercado.


    Made from low yield vineyards which produce small fruits with a perfect
    balance of sugar and polyphenols. The grapes macerate and ferment for one week
    in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 25°C to preserve the fruit and extract the

    Vintage 2016: Gold Medal in Berliner Wein Trophy, February 2017


    Carefully made from the finest MONASTRELL grapes from old vines, and then rounded off with CABERNET SAUVIGNON and MERLOT grapes following the criteria of the oenologist, this fine wine is later aged in oak.
    LAUDUM CRIANZA was aged for 16 months in new American and French oak casks.


    Wine with 4 months of aging in French, American and Hungarian fine-grained oak barrels. Made from old strains of Monastrell over 40 years and Syrah 15 years.

    Laudum Roble is a red wine whose packaging tries to exploit the latinity of the Roman origin of the mark LAUDUM, being the bottle of this wine the protagonist to be designed in the form of a classic column. 2016 World Design Award in “The Dieline Awards”


    This is a real Mediterranean wine made with grapes brimming with personality such as Monastrell and Syrah.

    Description: Young oaked wine aged for 100 days in the cask.

    Production: Grapes are picked at the optimum point of ripening from old Monastrell and Syrah vines. Cold carbonic maceration and low-temperature fermentation.

    Right from the start we wanted Señorio de Benidorm to be a different, unique wine by selecting the grapes from the vine and using with low-temperature fermentation to extract all the aromas from the grapes, with sweet, creamy tannins and a glossy colour.

    We choose a selection of French, American and Hungarian oak casks to enhance the fruit. One hundred days in the cask causes the micro-oxygenation that gives this wine its lively, fresh personality and guarantees its sensory properties and quality.

    The original packaging design is a homage to Benidorm, one of the world’s best-known holiday destinations. The glass is engraved with a symbolic image of Benidorm: its skyline, island and lapping waves.

    Gold Medal in Baco Awards.  June 2015.